What we do ?
We are the first Online Events Brodcasting Company in Jordan, we developed our website and services to meet your events requirements


Events ?
We cover all kind of events, public, private, special, one time event, frequent events


Do mean Talk Show like in "Talk Show" ?
Yes, we do, if you want to make your own Talk Show like you see on TV, we do that from A to Z, build a website for you, broadcast your episodes, record, archive and deliver them to you, also we will upload your recorded sessions on your website.


I'm a specialist in my domain, can I have my own braodcasting website ?
This is the most valuable service we provide, you are a specialist in your profession, you want to build a website so you can earn some extra money from ( sometimes a lot of money ), we provide you this service from scratch, build your website, record your sessions, upload them and the money making part is to make your site a paid website which means the website visitor who needs to watch your experienced session can pay and watch them.